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Idioms for stress

2020년 6월 3일 업데이트됨

We all get stressed out. It’s a part of life. It comes with the territory of living. 

But that doesn’t mean it always feels good. 

When we, or someone around us, is feeling all wound up sometimes an encouraging word or two is all it takes to help out. 

Here are some idioms to relieve stress or motivate when feeling down. 

See if you can spot the extra idioms. (There’s an answer key at the end, I promise!)

  • Pull yourself together

To regain composure. To get a grip on yourself. 

Ex: ”Hey chin up, everything”ll turn out ok. Take the weekend and pull yourself together.”

  • Blow off some steam

To get rid of pent up energy or emotions. 

”I know you want to make this deal happen come hell or high water, but you’re no good to us unfocused and tired. Go blow off some steam and come back ready to work.”

  • Roll with the punches

To adapt to the situation and keep moving forward. 

”Everything doesn’t always go our way. Sometimes we gotta roll with the punches and come back stronger to fight another day.”

Stress happens. Pressure mounts. We always have to remember to keep our head up, and keep on truckin’. 

Have a great one!

PS- (Extra idioms answer key)

- comes with the territory  - wound up - get a grip on yourself - chin up - come hell or high water - keep on truckin’

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