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Golf conversation and idioms

2020년 2월 18일 업데이트됨

I love golf. 

I eat, sleep, and dream of it. 

Whether you’re on the same boat as me or not, you might find yourself on a golf course one day—especially if you’re in the business world. 

If you are that fortunate, it would be helpful to know the lingo even if your golf game isn’t “up to par” yet. 

Check out the following conversation during a round of golf. 

I’ll add the definitions at the end. 


(A group of 4, called a foursome, begin at hole 1)

A: Alright who’s got honors?

B: Ladies first. 

C: Sure, I’ll tee off first. 

D: We finally get to see C swing the big stick!

C: Cover your ears boys, I’m about to nuke one

(A is next. He hits a dribbler.)

B: Ouch! You duffed it!

C: Now that’s what I call a shank

D: You know if you don’t hit it past the lady tee, you gotta take off your pants. 

A: .......

(The foursome is on their approach shot)

B: Oh no! I airmailed it

D: Yeah it sailed WAY past the green!

C: Looks like you got yours on the dance floor A. 

A: Yup, gives me more time to read the green

(Everyone is putting on the green)

(D hits a close putt but misses)

A: Wow that ball lipped out!

B: It rimmed out!

C: That’s a horse shoe if I ever saw one!

D: OMG. That was a gimme. I couldn’t get it in the can. I must have the yips


How was it? Were you able to understand or was it a totally different language?

Don’t worry if you didn’t get it, that’s what the answer key and practice is for^^

(Answer key) -on the same boat: having the same situation as someone -up to par: up to the average. On even level -who’s got honors: having honors means you are the first player to hit in the group -tee off: to start the hole -the big stick: refers to the driver -to nuke one: to hit it well and as far as possible -a dribbler: a poor shot that goes nowhere -duffed it: a bad shot -a shank: a bad shot hit on the heel of the clubface -approach shot: a shot that's planned for hitting the green -airmailed it: it's when the shot goes past it's mark by a lot -sailed: same as airmailed -on the dance floor: on the green -read the green: trying to figure out which way the ball will roll -lipped out: when the ball hits the edge of the hole, spins around the edge and comes back out -rimmed out: same as lipped out -a horse shoe: same as lipped out, rimmed out -a gimme: a very easy shot -in the can: in the hole -the yips: a nervous disorder when a golfer is feeling too much pressure and hits a poor shot or putt

{Quote to think about: "To find a man's true character, play golf with him."—P.G. Wodehouse}

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